About us

advising – prosecuting – enforcing

To protect an innovation from imitators it is generally necessary to apply for an intellectual property right. We provide our clients with individual and case-related advice on the possibilities to protect their innovations and together we devise the legally but also commercially appropriate filing strategies.

Besides drafting applications, we also accompany all domestic and foreign application procedures up to the granting of the intellectual property right for our clients. We also take over the defense against third party attacks on intellectual property right applications and granted or registered intellectual property rights in the context of opposition and nullity procedures.

Should competitors make unauthorized use of an intellectual property right we enforce the respective intellectual property right in or out of court. Should the case be settled out of court we draft suitable agreements and licensing contracts.

Accompanying measures, such as searches in intellectual property databases, monitoring the IP activities of competitors, due-diligence evaluations and payment of annuities are also part of the services we offer.

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