About us

advising – protecting – cancelling

Intellectual property researches and monitoring can help to reduce the risk of IP infringement and to adapt development processes in time to avoid infringement of third party IP rights. We perform respective analyses for our clients and if required point out possible work-arounds.

Should one of our clients be accused of infringing an intellectual property right we examine these accusations carefully and advise on possible reactions. In this context we do not limit our advise to legal aspects only, but always keep an eye on the commercial interests of our clients.

We support our clients with all court proceedings and extrajudicial procedures to refute – where possible - the infringement accusations. For out-of-court settlements we draft custom-tailored agreements and licensing contracts.

One possibility to counter an accusation of infringing an intellectual property right is to attack the validity of the respective property right. If desired we perform the necessary searches and conduct the respective administrative proceedings or court proceedings for our clients.

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