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Ann-Kathrin Michel

M.Sc. (physicist)
Patent attorney (since
European Patent and Trademark Attorney


Physics studies at the Technical University of Braunschweig and the University of Hamburg, scientific research in the field of nanostructure physics

Main focus

Patent und utility model law (in particular in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics and nanotechnology), trademark law

Working languages

German, English

  • A.-K. Michel, A.C. Niemann, T. Boehnert, S. Martens, J.M. Montero Moreno, D. Goerlitz, R. Zierold, H. Reith, V. Vega, V.M. Prida, A. Thomas, J. Gooth, K. Nielsch in ‘Temperature gradient-induced magnetization reversal of single ferromagnetic nanowires’, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2017, 50, 494007 [highlighted in Europhysics News 2018, 49, 1]
  • A.C. Niemann, T. Böhnert, A.-K. Michel, S. Bäßler, B. Gotsmann, K. Neuróhr, B. Tóth, L. Péter, I. Bakonyi, V. Vega, V.M. Prida, J. Gooth, K. Nielsch in ‘Thermoelectric Power Factor Enhancement by Spin-Polarized Currents – A Nanowire Case Study’, Advanced Electronic Materials 2016, 2, 1600058
  • S. Bäßler, B. Hamdou, P. Sergelius, A.-K. Michel, R. Zierold, H. Reith, J. Gooth, K. Nielsch in ‘One-dimensional edge transport on the surface of cylindrical BixTe3-ySey nanowires in transverse magnetic fields’, Applied Physics Letters 2015, 107, 181602
  • A. Frauen, A. Kobs, T. Böhnert, A.-K. Michel, G. Winkler, K. Nielsch, H.P. Oepen in ‘Magnetothermoelectric power in Co/Pt layered structures: Interface versus bulk contributions’, Physical Review B 2014, 92, 140402
  • T. Böhnert, A.C. Niemann, A.-K. Michel, S. Bäßler, J. Gooth, B.G. Tóth, K. Neuróhr, L. Péter, I. Bakonyi, V. Vega, V.M. Prida, K. Nielsch in ‘Magnetothermopower and magnetoresistance of single Co-Ni/Cu multilayered nanowires’, Physical Review B 2014, 90, 165416
  • T. Böhnert, V. Vega, A.-K. Michel, V.M. Prida, K. Nielsch in ‘Magneto-thermopower and magnetoresistance of single Co-Ni alloy nanowires’, Applied Physics Letters 2013, 103, 092407
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